Andrew Eichner Shares Best Practices in Wealth Management with Crain’s Chicago Business

June 17, 2019

Andrew Eichner shared best practices on protecting assets in two articles in the Wealth Management special section of the June 16, 2019 edition of Crain’s Chicago Business.
In What to Expect from a Financial Advisor: A Checklist, he stressed the importance of finding a financial advisor with trusted network of attorneys, accountants and other professionals who can “work like a team” in the interest of their clients’ long-term goals.  
Separately, in 7 Tips to Navigate Choppy Markets, Mr. Eichner advised that a financial plan should be revisited every time there is a life event, including getting married or having a baby. He counseled that prenuptial agreements, and the less commonly used post-nuptial agreements, can separate and protect assets should the couple divorce in the future.
Mr. Eichner is a highly experienced and widely respected family law attorney with a focus on high net worth cases. He is as a principal at Berger Schatz, a leading Chicago family law firm.