Brendan Hammer Discusses Ways to Reduce the Financial Burden of Divorce with The New York Times

In The New York Times article, “Divorce Advice (And It Won’t Cost You a Thing)”Brendan Hammer gave insights on ways to keep divorce costs down and minimize stress in the process. 

Mr. Hammer advocated being mindful of where individuals focus their arguments, as personal property can be a money drain. “Hold your power for the valuable and irreplaceable,” he said. “Judges hate personal property issues and will likely assign most low-monetary value items randomly if there is disagreement.”

He also explained that it is often wise to slow down the process by pacing discovery or spacing out court dates when emotions are high as a result of cheating or deceit. “Divorces have lives of their own,” he said. “They get bad when the emotional levels of each party are at different boiling points.”

Mr. Hammer is quoted regularly in The New York Times, including in a piece earlier this year titled “Unhitched: 2 Divorce Lawyers Better After Their Own Divorce, but Still Together.”

As a partner at the firm, Mr. Hammer focuses his practice on the litigation of sophisticated family law matters, including the valuation and division of assets, fraud and dissipation claims, complex compensation structures, spousal challenges to trust and estate plans and high net worth maintenance and child support.

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