Brendan Hammer leads salon on transcendental meditation for David Lynch Foundation

Brendan Hammer led a salon on transcendental meditation for the David Lynch Foundation, which strives to make Chicago a better place by helping to reduce the epidemic levels of chronic stress and stress-related disorders that fuel violence, crime and poor health.

As part of the salon titled “A Night of Inspiration,” Mr. Hammer shared insights on the benefits of transcendental meditation, especially for at-risk populations who have encountered traumatic experiences or toxic stress. This technique, which was derived by the late Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, focuses on blocking out distracting thoughts and promoting a relaxed state of awareness.

At the event on March 14, 2019 held at the Weinberg Newton Gallery in Chicago, Mr. Hammer was joined by Chris Busch, the director of the Foundation's Chicago office. For more information on the David Lynch Foundation, visit here

A member of the Advisory Council for the foundation, Mr. Hammer leads by example by actively promoting meditation, wellness and optimizing performance both in his professional and personal life.