We are one of the largest and most highly regarded matrimonial and family law firms in the nation.

Berger Schatz was established in 1987. The firm’s founding partners shared a passion for bringing the highest professional and ethical standards to the practice of family law. They envisioned a firm that offered sophisticated legal and financial analysis, combined with a personal approach based on the belief that everyone involved in a divorce-related case – the clients, their spouses, and the children – should be treated with respect and compassion.

Since its founding, Berger Schatz has built a reputation for successfully representing clients in cases involving high net worth, complex business or personal assets, and difficult legal questions. The firm has grown to become one of the premiere matrimonial law firms in the nation, with a team of 39 attorneys in two offices, in downtown Chicago and in Lake Forest, representing clients throughout Illinois.

The attorneys at Berger Schatz possess the legal and financial acumen that is essential to guide our clients through the difficult transitions that may arise from a dissolution of marriage: negotiating pre- and post-nuptial agreements; identifying and valuing businesses and other assets; issues involving child custody, visitation and support, as well as assisted reproduction, adoption and family building and, when necessary, litigating at trials and appeals in matrimonial cases.

Berger Schatz: taking the practice of family law to a higher level for over 30 years.