Getting Engaged? Why a Prenup Is a Romantic First Step

February is the season of love, and the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day are a prime time for engagements. Among the exciting and romantic moments that go into preparing for the “Big Day,” there is oftentimes a less popular planning component to consider — the prenuptial agreement, also known as Antenuptial Agreements or Premarital […]

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Prioritizing Mental Health Before, During & After Divorce

A new year represents change and new beginnings. It’s a time when people make resolutions, and often, it’s the symbolic push they need to bravely decide to leave relationships. It happens so frequently that, among family lawyers, January is often referred to unofficially as “Divorce Month.” No matter when or why it happens, however, divorce […]

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Takeaways From the Biggest Celebrity Divorces in 2023

The divorce process is generally daunting and difficult for couples as well as their children, whether young or grown. The challenges we see in private often play out in public when celebrities call it quits. This year, several high-profile pairings ended, dominating tabloid headlines and social media. But no matter how publicized the breakups, there […]

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Why Equitable Doesn’t Always Mean Equal When Dividing Assets

One of the biggest misconceptions people have when it comes to dividing assets in a divorce is that everything will be split equally or 50/50. Yet, that’s not always the case. Depending on where you live and your particular situation, equitable may not necessarily mean equal. Most states, including Illinois, divide assets by equitable distribution […]

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Berger Schatz’s Lasting Legacy

There was no doubt in my mind that I would be a lawyer someday. It was almost meant to be. As a young kid, I envisioned being a trial lawyer. As I got older, my goal was to be a lawyer’s lawyer, and while I trained as a trial lawyer, I found myself drawn to […]

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Who Can See my Divorce Records?

Illinois divorce records are generally public record. These records are available for all to see. Divorce records often include personal information that could potentially be damaging to you or your spouse. In limited circumstances, a party’s privacy concerns may justify sealing the divorce file from public view. Alternatively, there are steps your lawyers can take […]

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Mediation vs. Collaboration: What’s The Difference?

Alternative Dispute Resolution methods have become increasingly more popular the past 20 years. Many couples seek these methods to amicably end their marriage and remain out of court. Two popular Alternative Dispute Resolution methods are Mediation and Collaboration. Although similar, there are key differences. We’re breaking down the differences, so you and your spouse understand […]

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What to do Before Filing for Divorce

Filing for divorce is complex. You’re not only flooded with emotions, but you also must consider the logistics of separation. What happens to your finances? What happens to your children? Do I tell my spouse my feelings? If filing for divorce is your best option, we suggest that you first perform an internal audit and […]

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Parenting Time During the Holidays

Holidays are a special time for children and their parents. Many families have unique traditions that they look forward to all year. After divorce, the holidays can stir up mixed emotions. Adjusting to a new parenting schedule and sudden child-less holidays can be difficult.  I advise my clients who are going through a divorce to […]

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