Litigation & Appeals

Based on our years of experience and track record, Berger Schatz is the right choice when you are considering taking a case to trial or taking (or defending) a family law appeal.

Trial requires skill and preparation. Preparation begins from the moment a case begins, through the discovery process, executing strategic decisions, pretrial practice, mastering the skillful timing and taking depositions, and deploying the efficient, calibrated use of experts and consultants. This systematic approach to litigation prepares and positions our team for trial. 

Berger Schatz attorneys are known for their mastery of courtroom procedure, evidence, and witness interrogation, as well as excellence in advocacy and argument. 

An appeal requires different skills and strategy than a trial. On appeal, the focus changes from developing and proving facts – through discovery, examining witnesses, and trial – to using those facts to make a case that the judge erred at trial or to defend the judge’s decision. 

In drafting an appellate brief, our team conducts thorough legal research, analyzes the legal issues under Illinois law, and presents the facts and arguments in a persuasive manner.