Berger Schatz is one of the largest and most highly regarded family law firms in the nation.

Partners, Marcy Kott and Sharon Mobley, two of the Chicago area’s most prominent matrimonial and family law attorneys, are Co-Chairs of the Berger Schatz Family Building law practice. Marcy and Sharon share a passion for helping others build their families through adoption and reproductive technologies. They bring compassion, personal insight and deep understanding of the emotional and legal complexities that arise when shaping a family. The Berger Schatz Family Building law practice includes adoption, assisted reproduction contracts governing egg donation, sperm donation and gestational surrogacy, and the review of fertility clinic contracts in relation to the disposition of embryos. Berger Schatz’s commitment, fervent advocacy and proven ability to obtain the best outcome for its clients during this most intimate time of their lives, have made its Family Building law practice the trusted resource for traditional and non-traditional families. 

Both Marcy and Sharon, and the other members of the Berger Schatz Family Building law practice, are members of the American Bar Association Assisted Reproductive Technology Law Committee and the Chicago Bar Association Adoption Law Committee, keeping them at the forefront of the continuous evolution surrounding adoption and fertility law. Learn more about Marcy and Sharon on their Berger Schatz attorney profiles.

Lauren Goodkin Roth
Molly H. Haunty

Partner Lauren Goodkin Roth draws on nearly a decade of practice in the field of family law as well as insight from her personal experience in advising and representing couples and individuals who yearn to be parents. Lauren’s direct approach, and her genuine and unwaivering support of her clients, enables her to develop creative and practical solutions to the complicated legal issues surrounding fertility law. Find more info about Lauren on her Berger Schatz Attorney Profile.

Molly Haunty concentrates her family building practice on guiding prospective parents through the highly personal and uniquely challenging legal issues that confront her clients. Molly’s knowledge of advances in both legislation and medical science, her personal experience in this area, and her compassion, all further her commitment to assisting clients with all aspects of the third party reproductive process. Find more info about Molly on her Berger Schatz Attorney Profile.