Andrew Eichner and Leon Finkel help business owners protect premarital assets in recent Stout article

Andrew Eichner and Leon Finkel teamed up to pen an article for Stout, a leading independent advisory firm, sharing insights on what business owners can do to protect their nonmarital businesses in case of a divorce.

With divorce rates still hovering at approximately 50% of all couples, Mr. Eichner and Mr. Finkel work to help their clients thoughtfully plan to minimize the risk to their business in case of a divorce.

The article titled “Divorce Planning is Critical for Your Business-Owner Clients” highlights the differentiators between marital property and nonmarital property, potential issues facing nonmarital business owners and how to prove the nonmarital character of profits or increase in value of a client’s business.

The article also offers best practices for spotting potential issues that may arise when dealing with nonmarital assets.

Mr. Eichner is a highly experienced and widely respected family law attorney. In addition to litigating matrimonial and family law, he also practices collaborative law and is a court-certified mediator. He has written numerous articles on topics ranging from discovery and expert testimony to domestic violence.

Mr. Finkel is the managing partner of Berger Schatz. He is an experienced and highly acclaimed litigator who regularly represents individuals in trials and appeals. A frequently published author, he has written articles on numerous topics, including termination of maintenance upon cohabitation, depositions, motions, business assets and child support orders, among others. 

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