Molly Haunty Attends Bluhm Legal Clinic 50th Anniversary Celebration

September 20, 2019

Partner and Northwestern Pritzker School of Law alumni Molly Haunty attended Bluhm Legal Clinic’s 50th Anniversary Celebration on Thursday, September 19 at The Geraghty in Chicago and served on the host committee for the event.

The Bluhm Legal Clinic at Northwestern houses legal clinics where students gain direct experience representing clients and fine-tune their advocacy skills. The anniversary event recognized the accomplishments of the past five decades, while affirming the clinic’s commitment to providing the highest level of clinic legal education.

At Berger Schatz, Ms. Haunty represents individuals in all aspects of family and matrimonial law, including negotiating and preparation of prenuptial, parenting, and settlement agreements, valuation and distribution of assets, custody and other child-related matters and in trials and appeals.