When Worlds Collide: Full-time Attorney and Parent

“Every morning starts with my two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Elliot shouting, “Green light! Wake up!” as her nightlight transitions from nighttime purple to ready for the day green. Of course, her scream at 6:01am inevitably wakes up our ten-month-old, Zoey as well. From there, I am in full on parent mode.

I walk carefully down the stairs with 50 pounds of kids in my arms. Once downstairs, I proceed to chase the kids around the house to try and get them settled. From there, I chaotically fill milk cups and bottles, change diapers, and negotiate how many minutes of Paw Patrol is enough. During the chaos, I try to remember whatever learning games I can from my past life as an early childhood education teacher in an attempt to “teach” my kids something.

My husband leaves for work by 6:30am each morning, so the mornings are just for the girls and me. When our beloved nanny walks into the house, I then take the few minutes of free time to get myself presentable for the day. My “mom duty” then includes running as many errands as possible before 9am (including standing at Target’s doors when they open at 8am because I cannot find Elliot’s boots, or picking up the groceries that I ordered at 3am when Zoey refused to sleep).”

That’s a typical pre-work morning for Jamie Zider, a full-time mom and attorney.

Like Jamie, many of our attorneys experience first-hand the balancing act of being an attorney and parent. Attorneys, Laura Gottlieb, and Jamie Zider share an inside look into how they manage it all as full-time moms to young children, and as full-time family law attorneys.

“My typical workday (now and before becoming a mom), consists of court appearances, drafting and reviewing pleadings and other documents, and discussing cases with clients and colleagues. Now, instead of taking the luxury of a short break between these activities, I check in with daycare and browse pictures of my son. Yes, I’ve become that parent!” Laura Gottlieb said.

Since becoming a first-time mom, Laura’s learned a lot.

Here are three key takeaways:

1. “I have such a greater appreciation for stay-at-home moms. This job is hard!

2. I never realized the intricacies of children’s schedules (and not to mention their belongings! Why do they have so much stuff?!).

3. Family comes first. However, despite what is going on in my personal life, I continue to do whatever it takes to ensure my clients and families are protected and cared for.”

Since becoming parents, Laura and Jamie’s relationships with their clients has also changed.

“In our work, we always put the best interest of the child first. Becoming a parent has only made the importance of this statement more evident,” -Laura said.

“This new role at home has been one of my greatest strengths at work. I understand how important it is for a parent to have a life that is secure and satisfying for them; both as an individual and as a parent. I know how it feels to crave financial security for my children, and how complicated and individualized kids’ schedules and needs can be. I intentionally and creatively help my parent-clients achieve outcomes that benefit all roles, while prioritizing and protecting their children,” Jamie said.

We not only help our clients achieve outcomes that benefit all aspects of parenting, but we also strive to help our employees do the same.

Many years ago, we offered paid maternity leave for our working moms- a practice that was often unheard of in our industry. We’re proud to be one of the first to offer it to our working moms. We then implemented flex scheduling, and now practice a hybrid model, to continue supporting all the roles our employees play. We remain innovative with our approach to non-traditional work models, all the while taking advantage of technologies.

“I appreciate Berger Schatz’s hybrid model. Instead of wasting hours a day commuting when it’s not necessary, I can spend the additional time focusing on work for my clients, or caring for my family,” Laura said.

“There is no way that I could be as involved as I am in my work or in my children’s lives if it weren’t for Berger Schatz’s hybrid work policy. This model allows me to be 100% “on” in my work and home life. I have the flexibility to take my daughters to school and doctor appointments. And when my mom hat comes off, I focus all my attention and care to my clients. Given that Berger Schatz has always implemented a hybrid model of some sort, my mentors at work have often been other working moms who while at the top of the field, continue to be caring and involved moms. They have been role models for me as I hope to be a role model for the attorneys coming after me,” Jamie said.

Children are our top priority.

We provide solutions both to our clients, and employees, to ensure they have the full capacity to care for their families. Our innovative approach has allowed working parents, like Jamie and Laura, to cultivate schedules that best support the needs of their families and their clients.

To learn more about Laura Gottlieb visit: bergerschatz.com/attorneys/laura-r-gottlieb
To learn more about Jamie Zider visit: bergerschatz.com/attorneys/jamie-a-zider

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