Being there for our clients, making
sure their voice is heard – that's
what matters.

Brian J. Blitz,Principal

In a stressful situation, it’s reassuring
to have attorneys you can trust on
your side.

Marcelle Kott,Principal

Our clients trust us with everything
they have. We protect them with
everything we have.

Michael J. Berger,Principal

Being a good lawyer means listening
to your client and keeping your
client informed.

David H. Levy,Principal

Divorce creates complicated problems.
We provide creative solutions.

Barry A. Schatz,Principal

Our goal is to get the result that
makes sense for you.

Jason G. Adess,Principal

We guide our clients through tough
times efficiently, with intelligence and
hard work.

Andrew D. Eichner,Principal

How do you measure the quality of
legal representation? By the result.

Leon I. Finkel,Principal

We not only listen to our clients, we understand them.

Karen Rose Krehbiel,Principal

Where do you want to be in the future?
We help get you there.

Michael S. Sabath,Principal

We bring families through divorce transformed, not broken.

Dina Warner,Principal
Berger Schatz is one of the largest law firms in the nation dedicated
exclusively to matrimonial and family law. Our clients come to us because
they know we have the discretion, experience and acumen to resolve
their most challenging issues.



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